Who is RPK Bullies?


So many times you come across sites who only share info about the dogs and not the actual breeding program. Here is our history.....

We got involved with the American Pitbull Terrier in 2000, like many do we fell in love with the breed instantly. We quickly made the change over from old school APBT into the at the time newer "Gotti dogs", at that time the bloodline had not yet established itself and was just in its begining stages. After lots of research we made the choice to add the foundtaion of Greyline & Dela Cruz bloodlines to our program. If you look back into the pedigree's of our bullies you will see the influance that blood made in our program, with out it our program wouldn't be what it is today. We gradually added in small amounts of Razors Edge, but keeping our main focus on the Gottiline blood. As any good breeder knows outcrossing is a must to keep the gene pool in a healthy state. With the combination of heavly bred Gottiline, and a slight amount of Razors Edge and Dela Cruz lines we have created a program known for producing extreme but yet clean bully dogs. Each generation keeps getting better and better and we can't wait to see what the new generations will bring us.

We keep it simple by doing breedings with in our own yard. Only going outside the yard to a stud who offers what we are looking for in new blood and characteristics that we can use to better our own program even more. We don't do this often but when the time is right and the right male comes along it is important to our program to be able to improve on areas that may be lacking. We are our own worst critics!

For many years we were known as "Royal Pitbull Kennels" but over time the breed evolved and so did we. We began placing RPK infront of our produced and as the dogs started to be called "American Bullies" we felt it was appropiate to change things up ourselves and go by "RPK Bullies" . We will always carry the "Royal Pitbull Kennels" name, it is our roots and will always be with us.


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